Celtic- Saint Maelrubha – 21 April 2017

Saint Maelrubha, Abbot of Applecross, Isle of Skye, Scotland
(Ma-Rui, Molroy, Errew, Summaryruff, Sagart-Ruadh)

Loch Maree – Loch Maree contains five large wooded islands and over 60 smaller ones,[1][2] many of which have their own lakelets. Isle Maree has the remains of a chapel, graveyard, holy well, and holy tree on it, believed to be the 8th century hermitage of Saint Máel Ruba (d. 722), who founded the monastery of Applecross in 672. The same island contains ancient stands of oak and holly which have been linked with ancient Scottish druids.[citation needed]  Permission details Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike license 2.0

This little-known Saint was one of the most active of the numerous Irish proselytizers who underwent the white martyrdom (self-imposed exile) in what is now Scotland. Unfortunately there is no known extant life or hagiography of this saint, so details of his life must be gleaned from other sources. There are numerous citations of this Saint in various Irish Annals and Martyrologies.[ more]

Source: Celtic and Old English Saints – 21 April