Alef 6-6-2017

He alone knows what he has done with life. In the privacy of his own home, he looks in the mirror and sees himself. And from head to toe, things are not good.

So he says, “I should teach others? I should provide guidance?!”

And we tell him, “Yes. Because that is your place upon this planet: We live in a time when all those who know Alef must teach Alef and those who know what comes after Alef must teach that too.”

“And G‑d Above, who formed you and put you in the here and now, He knows who you are and how you are and what you are capable of accomplishing. If He believes in you, you must as well.”

13 Tamuz 5736:4.
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Brenda Toronto, CanadaFebruary 17, 2015

Secret of the Letter ALEFAlef is composed of 3 codes:

The upper part of Alef represents the quality of G_d the “vessel of bestowal/unconditional love” – spiritual world

The bottom is a code for our quality “vessel for receptopn for the self” – our world

The middle part is a diagonal line separating the upper and lower qualities or ‘worlds’. According to the correction of my qualities, I shall be able to grasp the reality beyond that border to an increasing degree.

Karin Kruger Oklahoma City, OK/USAFebruary 17, 2015

Teaching Despite HerselfI so related to Rabbi David Mark’s post on answering with too much detail – it is difficult for me to answer a simple question with a simple answer because it is complicated. At the same time, it is also simple.

The simple response is alef is the first letter of the [Hebrew] alef-bet – the beginning of knowledge and reading Hebrew.

The Rebbe of Righteous Memory had a precious gift … the ability to make incredibly difficult concepts sound simple. If one considers the use of his words, it is obvious they were the result of deep and profound thought.

Rabbi Tzvi Freeman has had an even more difficult task – translating the simplicity expressed by the Rebbe via Yiddish or Hebrew into English for the Daily Doses.

Lynne Lichtman February 17, 2015

And so I do, with the help of God!

Rabbi David Mark Pompano Beach, FLOctober 20, 2009

What Alef Stands ForWhenever a Jew asks me a question, I tend to give a detailed answer– so much and so often so, that my wonderful wife will say, “Can’t you ever give a simple answer to a simple question?” to which I respond, “Well, it’s complicated…”
Alef means:
–The first of the 10 Commandments, a silent letter, thereby including the essence of all the mitzvote to follow, and teaching us that we can learn Torah, not only from the letters of the text, but from the silences between the words and letters– Torah is, after all, written with letters of black fire on parchment of white fire;
–In its shape, the alef resembles a Jew (or any human being) walking along, lifting her arms up to G-d in supplication and prayer;
–It resembles “aluf,” or “champion, chieftain,” referring to the heads of the Israelite tribes, but possibly extending its meaning to any Jew who strives to learn and practice Torah. We can all, each in our own way, be champions of G-d.

Rabbi Tzvi Freeman October 16, 2009

What alef stands forAlef stands for the first most simple thing you have learned. Whatever it is, if it has meaning to you, share it with others.

vedman Toronto, OntarioOctober 15, 2009

Teaching Despite HimselfI would like to know what alef stands for.

Erric Lolo October 15, 2009

Teaching Despite HimselfWell said. For to say that we have no specific reason for being here, is to say that G-d acts without purpose; and this is not the G-d I have come to fear. As Al Mighty, he controls every molecule that that is manifest and unmanifest and surely upon the awareness of this, the individual must take it upon himself to magnify HIM. Through teaching these things, the individual increases the sphere of dominion of this concept, thus extending the dominion of the Crown in the hearts of men.

Paul Slocumb Cape Elizabeth, MaineOctober 14, 2009

teaching despite himselfThe question “Should I teach others?” is naively asked as if one had a choice. All of our behavior –nonverbal as well as verbal– is instructive. We sometimes instruct as examples of, e.g., what to do, how to live, or how to be right with G-d. At other times we instruct as non-examples. Indeed, we could be described as walking, living, and breathing proverbs or anti-proverbs at any given point in time. Which we chose is our only real choice.

David the Rabbi Pompano Beach, FLOctober 14, 2009

The Teacher in Spite of Himself Even on a bad day, no one knows where the influence of the teacher will end. Limud goreret limud– learning leads to learning, and teaching to teaching.
What is most dangerous is being misunderstood– and so, keep it simple! Don’t confuse those to whom you speak– and don’t pretend that you have all the answers. Leave some truth for your students to discover, even if you think that you know all the possible questions and answers already.
And, above all, don’t lord it over your students. Moshe Rabeinu was an effective teacher because he was modest and humble. Don’t you be arrogant and all-knowing.

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