Is there a cause of everything-9 June 2017

Is there a cause of everything

this is very tortuous English, I think there are nuances and implications that are not picked up in another language – the article is very good.

Subsequent to my second question (about the beginning of everything) I did today my third question on my website with the title: Is there a Creator ?


A world full of life – Maldives (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As we see, we see all sorts of things around us full of life or that look as if they are dead but still alive in them and even other live feed. We simply can not escape the fact that the world is becoming. But whether there was ever a question may well be that some or stirred. Not only I note that the world is beyond me, but I confronted daily with the world in myself.

I am inextricably connected to my ‘ inner ‘ world. I can bad state that I live because I am. And so I see these things, by which they are. The ” his ” is essential to the existence of those things and me and the essence v or the essence of my ” self .” But I live with that inside me I tied to a stream of thoughts which drive around in my brain, and put my head as sometimes even wild.

As humans we are bound us with our inner thoughts. If we ” are ” carrying something in us. Then we are always full of ideas and we are always with feelings faces and sensations. Actually, you could also ask that “You think “ you realize that “you ‘re “. Being brings the essence and makes us thinking beings.
Is it that we think sometimes even maintains? Yet we know that thinking does not bring us into existence. a major difficulty is that we can not take thinking itself into question. The doubt is in itself a thought to do his entrance and let us dominate. Allowing creation of mind, thinking himself overwhelmed us. We are even the inability to think a thought. But we can think of something, but think is just thinking to establish whether our thoughts run free to go. To come to mind must already be something that can think. In order to expect to achieve must therefore an “essence” or “being” or existence.

But ” his “, where does it come from and who or what is responsible for it?

Many atheists believe that the world was created from a black hole with a big bang . Essentially, they say that the world is originated by Energy. In the event that a big bang would be responsible for all further life is a form of energy have created that would live on. But how those elements could then actually take shape so that they could make newer forms?

Those who claim that there is a Creator is also God can be called, then make that energy flow a deity . With the realization that energy actually essentially can not see or touch, we must realize that we have to feel the effects of energy and see. That sense of energy is sometimes people come to believe in a special power which they call God.

Atheists want a creation or creation explain without actually want to speak of a Creator . But there is a Creator needed a job to create?

Human skull and brains: CNS

The lobes of the big brains: frontal lobe (blue), parietal lobe (yellow), occipital lobe (pink) and temporal lobe (green). Among the big brains can see the small brains (black and white)

We as humans have brains that can make us think. That thought makes us ask questions and seek answers but also consider and feel many things. But things do come into being, we must work to brains and we must first carry out an end designing king capacity and then we can start to create. As a thinking man, we could say that we like we can declare a creator without a creator, we also explain a universe without a creator.

Every day many people are faced with many questions about their being and essence of others. Every day it will be somewhere on this planet someone find those answers looking at “his”. Millions of people are confronted with their own trying to unravel the mysteries of life.

Why are we on this earth? Where do we come from? What is the meaning of our lives?

What is the beginning of all this and to which brings us?

And so on. Nobody has a clear and concrete answer to these existential questions.

Oceanus or Okeanos an ancient god and Greek sea god and Titan, the personification of the ocean, which was seen by the ancient Greeks and Romans as an immense river that the flat world disk circumscribed in its entirety. Okeanos also arranged the rise and fall of the celestial bodies: Helios (Sun), Selene (the moon) and the stars.

Throughout the centuries there have been many people who tried to answer these existential questions. For this, they came up with all sorts of stories and came up with all sorts of theories, gods and scientific inventions to come up. As they took in the ancient times to one that lives by the gods or oergoden or even just one ancient god was created.

Hesiod, after Homer the oldest known Greek poet , Trachte to portray the origin and sought to bring order to the confused Greek gods of Homer , by arranging the gods in genealogies and thus also to a coherent worldview to come. For him there is an evolution in function of the changing world domination, first owned by Ouranos, then Kronos and finally of Zeus , which was seen at the time as a finisher of the great world order laid down for all time. So living conditions in his arisen which man must wrestle with. While all sorts of ailments surrounding the Zeus man watches over the law, albeit with a heavy hand.

Even though there were the Greeks also different ideas about the origin of the world, there were those who adhered to the gods while others, such as the Greek philosophers to spontaneous generation of spontaneous production assumptions, and for example, believed that insects, mice and fish from mud and decaying matter arose. Especially the most influential classical Greek philosopher and scientist Aristotle was a supporter of this theory, which until the 19th century it was assumed until the  French chemist and biologist , Louis Pasteur in 1864, five years after Charles Darwin The Origin of Species published, showed that life can only come from life.

That assumes of course assumes that there was life and no way explains the origin of everything, which we again in limbo late.

Stanley Lloyd Miller, became famous with an experiment of 1953 in which he and Harold Urey showed that may arise spontaneously complex amino acids, under certain circumstances.

The American chemist and biologist Stanley Lloyd Miller focused is a big part of his life to search for the origin of life. He was a theory about abiogenesis , or the emergence of life from nonliving matter . According to him, several scientists life originated from a so-called primordial soup . Here there was no supernatural or metaphysical input, but is the first life ever arise due to the nowadays common chemical and physical processes . This assumption is known as uniformitarianism : the presence observable processes and physical laws were also active in the past and are therefore key to go after the conclusion of the present world.

Delta Canis Majoris, also known as ‘Being’, an F-class supergiant of 215 solar radii. It has reached the end of its main sequence lifetime, although it would be only 10 million years old. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The theory of the primordial soup is today almost completely abandoned. The primordial atmosphere would not nearly be as reductive as was assumed, and its composition would not even match the “ingredients” of Miller. The earliest atmosphere would have mainly consist of CO 2 and H 2 , the other vital components for such synthesis scenario would be absent or only in much lower concentrations are present.

But all those scientific hypotheses have never about how gases or first elements came first. Who or what was behind that?

It may be clear that first of all Chaos was the Nothing from which something came into existence and which vlene thought in ancient times that there is also the first gods arose which, in turn, a whole soup of different elements brought into existence. Even though they do not now how out of this chaos came order, it is striking that the order came from a great inventiveness. if you are after is how complicated some of these things, it seems unlikely that a human being do this would have been capable. That leaves than just a supernatural power in our thoughts. But who or what is the Supernatural Power?

Also then the question arises where supernatural power would linger. Or is it something floating? Or is it something inhuman which is not bound by time or the like? And what is the time ? It is not something that is chosen by the people as a recognizable distributable element to provide more clarity on the timing of his? Then if there is a being or something High exists, where it will stay?

a world where people could perform many hands and many theories were able to build in an environment that also created many faith groups. – Lyon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Besides all the scientific writings there appear to be very ancient scriptures where one can ask why many people preferred to adopt more recent writings as truth, while no sufficient answer, while all ancient writings sufficiently clear answers give up many questions which carries with it the man with it. In the entire ancient writings that constitute a library of 66 books, one can find that there is an Untold Mighty God there, who has done wonderful things in the course of human history. That mighty being made manifest not only in the scriptures, but also miraculously in several cases multiple people could perceive.

It may not be advisable to find out more about which deity?

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