ST. ROMUALD 19 June 2017

Feast 19 June

Saint Romuald (detail of Crucifixion and Saints), Fresco, 550 x 950 cm (full fresco), Convento di San Marco, Florence –Fra Angelico

Saint Romuald, who founded the Camaldolese monastic order during the early eleventh century, has his liturgical memorial on June 19.

Working within the Western Church’s Benedictine tradition, he revived the primitive monastic practice of hermit life, allowing for greater solitude in a communal setting.

Born into an aristocratic family during the middle of the tenth century, Romuald grew up in a luxurious and worldly environment, where he learned little in the way of self-restraint or religious devotion. Yet he also felt an unusual attraction toward the simplicity of monastic life, prompted by the beauty of nature and the experience of solitude .[  ]

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Image attribution: Fra Angelico [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons