Mary Mckillop- 19 July 2017

Saint Mary MacKillop

Saint of the Day for July 19

(January 15, 1842 – August 8, 1909)




English: Stained glas window at Mary MacKillop shrine, Penola South Australia 9 August 2013 Source Own work Author Pru.mitchell


Saint Mary MacKillop’s Story

If Saint Mary MacKillop were alive today, she would be a household name. It’s not that she sought the limelight. On the contrary, she simply wanted to serve the poor wherever she found them in her native Australia. But along the way, she managed to arouse the ire of some rather powerful churchmen. One even excommunicated her for a time.

Born in Melbourne in 1842, to parents who had emigrated from Scotland, Mary grew up in a family that faced constant financial struggles. As a young woman she was drawn to religious life but could not find an existing order of Sisters that met her needs. In 1860, she met Father Julian Woods, who became her spiritual director. Together they founded a new community of women—the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Sacred Heart, also known as the Josephite Sisters. Its members were to staff schools especially for poor children, as well as orphanages, and do other works of charity.[ ]

Source: – Saint Mary MacKillop – Franciscan Media

Image attribution By Pru.mitchell (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons