Discussion – 30 July 2017


What I truly enjoy at Christ our Hope Sydney is the opportunity for feedback by our fellow brothers and sisters, giving their thought regarding the preachers gems and glass  concerning the Homilies, our sermons and addresses.

Today, at the end of of my Address I asked whether there were any criticisms or questions.


Matthew 13:44-52

1Kings 3:7-12

Romans 8:28-30

We then began an investigation into the grammar of the situation to reinforce that Jesus was still telling Parables, after a kind., but they were not allegorical.

Each simile tells us what the kingdom is not like.

Of the awareness that something great is nearby yet  not knowing what this is.

We gave some thought to the understanding many may lack because they have no experiences of the actions in the similes.

That eventually, we will need another language for Scripture or an entirely new way to relate to it.

Br Andrew Francis Clare