American Catholic Franciscan Media 26 July 2017

Saint Francis: An Instrument of Peace by Kyle Kramer on 7/25/17 7:00 AM One of my all-time favorite songs is John Michael Talbot’s version of Saint Francis’ peace... Spreading God’s Love by Melissa Overmyer on 7/24/17 7:00 AM Early in the spring, when the sun first begins to warm the Earth, the sweet smelling fir trees...


SAINT CHARBEL – THE MARONITE MONK Feastday 24 July 2017 By: Jim Dunning (This article was originally published in "Ireland's Own - web  now down" magazine. The webmaster would like to thank the author for his kind persmission in reprinting it here.) Most of us are familiar with European saints, such as St. Bernadette, St. [...]

The People the Lord Came to Save

The very people the Lord came to save are those who live in constant fear and who have nothing to live on but hope. The fact that they live in dire poverty is not by their own choice, but the choice they make to live in [ ]   Source: The People the Lord Came to Save

Saints of the day 20 July 2017

St Joseph Barsabbas -- July 20        Today's saint is named in the Bible's Acts of the Apostles. St. Peter wanted to replace Judas after Jesus' resurrection. Peter asked the community to suggest someone. He wanted a person who had been among the disciples from the time Jesus was baptized by John until the Lord's death/resurrection. [...]

Holy Spirit and Holy Moses by Rick 21 July 2017

I was never too sure about God’s Holy Spirit Minister said it quickly and moved along In my doubt, I talked with God Trust Me, He said with love Holy Spirit sent from above To always be there So you will Know I Care Source: Holy Spirit and Holy Moses

Celtic and Old English Saints 20 July 2017

 20 July 2017 St. Arilda of Gloucester Date unknown. Saint Arilda, Gloucestershire virgin, died in defence of her chastity. The church at Oldbury-on-the-Hill is dedicated to her (Benedictines). Benedictine Monks of St. Augustine Abbey, Ramsgate. (1947). The Book of Saints: A Dictionary of Servants of God Canonized by the Catholic Church Extracted from the Roman and Other [...]

Without fear or expectation 20 July 2017

      There is a life force flowing through the universe, and everything exists in a single moment, forever unfolding. I open myself to the stream. I want to be emptied and purified so that the past is no longer my lens—so that it no longer colors what I see. What will it be like [...]

Mary Mckillop- 19 July 2017

Saint Mary MacKillop Saint of the Day for July 19 (January 15, 1842 – August 8, 1909)       Saint Mary MacKillop’s Story If Saint Mary MacKillop were alive today, she would be a household name. It’s not that she sought the limelight. On the contrary, she simply wanted to serve the poor wherever she found them in [...]

Western Kasai, Congo: Nina

HOLY VIRGIN MARY, MOTHER OF GOD Western Kasai, Congo: Nina Western Kasai, Congo: Nina & her mother – From Protestantism to Orthodoxy – A miracle of Holy Virgin Mary, Mother of God Nina, a 10-year-old girl, was the third child of a family which lived in Western Kasai (Congo). Her two previous siblings, two [...]

So Close

     She only wished to touch His robe trying to see Him through crowds on the road She reached out for His hem Jesus immediately knew then A woman of great faith Touched His hem and heart Just by that touch Jesus knew! Source: So Close