CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: St. Peter of Alcantara 26 October 2017

St. Peter of Alcántara .Born at Alcántara, Spain, 1499; died 18 Oct., 1562. His father, Peter Garavita, was the governor of the place, and his mother was of the noble family of Sanabia. After a course of grammar and philosophy in his native town, he was sent, at the age of fourteen, to the University [...]

Saint Antônio de Sant’Anna Galvão – Franciscan Media

Saint Antônio de Sant’Anna Galvão Saint of the Day for October 25 (1739 – December 23, 1822) Audio   Reflection Holy women and men cannot help calling our attention to God, to God’s creation, and to all the people whom God loves. The lives of holy people are so oriented toward God that this has [...]

G‑d and Us –

Your Questions Answered Hasn't belief in God caused as much evil as good? If God knows best, what's the point of prayer? How can we have "free choice" if God already knows what we're going to do? Do (Normal) Jews believe in prophesy? Are we supposed to be afraid of God? Source: G‑d and Us [...]

Why Is There a Chair for Elijah at a Brit Milah (Circumcision)? – Questions & Answers

I was always curious as to what may have been the result of Elijah's zeal, I knew about the Elijah Cup at Passover, and that will herald the Messiah...   During the period when the nation of Israel was split into two kingdoms, Elijah the prophet had a showdown at Mt. Carmel with 450 false [...]

ON 16th October 1771- “I preached at South Leigh-Wesley

110 PROCEEDINGS OF THE WESLEY HISTORICAL SOCIETY JOHN WESLEY'S EARLY SERMONS ON 16th October 1771, John Wesley noted in his Journal: "I preached at South Leigh. Here it was that I preached my first sermon, six-and-forty years ago."l From this one entry, several different accounts have developed concerning Wesley's first preaching. One particular tradition interprets [...]

St John Capistrano- 23- October 2017

Feastday: October 23 Patron of Jurists Birth: 1386 Death: 1456 St. John was born at Capistrano, Italy in 1385, the son of a former German knight in that city. He studied law at the University of Perugia and practiced as a lawyer in the courts of Naples. King Ladislas of Naples appointed him governor of Perugia. During a war with a neighboring town he was betrayed and imprisoned. Upon [...]