Do you want to be well 5 November 2017


It is interesting that our Lord asked the man if he wanted to be well. Wouldn’t it seem obvious that he wanted healing since he had been hurting for decades? Why else would he have been there? [ ]

Source:  Do you want to be well: minute Meditations, Franciscan media


  1. Good article,
    thought provoking, apparently saying nothing, but everything. Do you want to be well? When others asked me whether or not I wanted to be healed of my Epilepsy, I was afraid to become whole – as they say because I couldn’t imagine what a life without seizures might be like. Healing has come in the form of prevention but not that the fissure in my brain vanished and I had no other seizures. Healing has come because I love and accept myself just as I am, I love my infirmities, I emphasize with others.

    So why shouldn’t Jesus ask? He did not want to thrust healing onto one not ready to be healed, or one unsure as to what actually was broken in the first place.
    Wholeness can be scary and we speak of ‘O Ye of little Faith’, there might be more faith in remaining broken that taking the easy way out and just say yes lord I want you to fix me up!
    Jesus doesn’t take liberties.
    Jesus wanted to hear certain specific words from the would be healed.
    But why would someone not want to be healed? Because he might lose his job as the Beggar that eased the conscience of the rich. If he were whole now would he earn a living – the man who could not walk?

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