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Father Solanus Casey spoke in a soft and quiet voice to all who came to him for help. And he prayed. Some say his prayers cured illness.  All say his serenity and counsel gave them peace.


He was born into a family with simple faith. He maintained that simple faith all his years. In everything, Fr. Solanus took God’s word to heart. He believed every prayer is answered in God’s own way.

In 1958, the Capuchin Minister General called Fr. Solanus “an extraordinary example of a true Capuchin and a replica of St. Francis.”

This tribute confirmed the many reports that began to come in from people everywhere about the outstanding virtues of Fr. Solanus.   [  ]

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The Solanus Casey Center is a spiritual oasis where souls are nourished.  It is a place of peace and the presence of God’s healing grace experienced through the intercession of Venerable Solanus. It is an anchor of authentic Catholic values and spirituality for generations past, present and future.