Uncertain Times 13 January 2018


Rev br. Andrew with Jessica in Centennial Park

There have been uncertain times in the Blair Household, AKA Br. Francis-clare. THis has caused my posting efforts to keep this site rolling to be uncertain and frustrated.

Having run the gamut of Celtic saints and catholic/orthodox saints I have reached the point where  I am unsure regarding what I should make the steady theme. Any suggestions are very welcome, as our followers there  might be something that you might love to see here.

Please let me know in the Comments Box, meanwhile my wife Jessica AKA Platypus Lady is going for further heart tests next Friday, and these have been constant since her heart attack last October. As for myself I am under medical investigation for microbes in my gut, to discover if there is any explanation for a chronic condition that has plagued me since 2011.

We, Frcasper and I will be very happy to hear from you.