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Lives of all saints commemorated on February 1
Forefeast of the Meeting of our Lord in the Temple

The TYPIKON should be consulted if the Forefeast falls on the Sunday of the Pharisee, the Publican, or Meatfare.



Because of the Forefeast of the Meeting of the Lord, the service to Saint Tryphon (February 1) may be moved to Compline or to another day, as the rector decides, unless the parish is dedicated to Saint Tryphon, or there is a particular devotion to him.




Martyr Tryphon of Campsada Near Apamea in Syria

The Martyr Tryphon was born in Phrygia, one of the districts of Asia Minor, in the village of Lampsacus. From his early years the Lord granted him the power to cast out demons and to heal various maladies. He once saved the inhabitants of his native city from starvation. Saint Tryphon, by the power of his prayer, turned back a plague of locusts that were devouring the grain and devastating the fields.

Saint Tryphon gained particular fame by casting out an evil spirit from the daughter of the Roman emperor Gordian (238-244). Helping everyone in distress, he asked only one thing from them: faith in Jesus Christ, by Whose grace he healed them.

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The Typikon (Greek: τυπικόν/typikon, pl. τυπικά/typika, lit. “following the order”; Slavonic: ѹставъ/ustav) is a book of directives and rubrics that establishes in the Orthodox Christian Church the order of divine services for each day of the year. It assumes the existence of liturgical books that contain the fixed and variable parts of these services. In monastic usage, the typikon of the monastery includes both the rule of life of the community and the rule of prayer.
There are a number of major typikon traditions, but there are also many local variations, often codified into an official typikon