Church Set Free

  There was a warehouse.  It was the warehouse of all warehouses.  From the front it looked just like any other warehouse.  But once inside the door – only then was it the warehouse of all warehouses.  This warehouse stretched further than the eye could see.  No lighting could do the cavernous interior true justice.  [...]

Celtic Christianity

Celtic Christianity History According to medieval traditions, Christianity arrived in Britain in the 1st or 2nd century. Gildas's 6th-century account dated its arrival to the latter part of the reign of the Roman emperor Tiberius:[23] an account of the seventy disciples discovered at Mount Athos in 1854 lists Aristobulus as "bishop of Britain".[24] Medieval accounts of [...]

Tom McMahon: A reflection on how the ecclesial view from Trent is now irrelevant.

Personal thoughts from a priest ordained 64 years ago After 12 years of isolated seminary training, on June 11, 1954, 25 of us were taken by bus to old St. Mary Cathedral on Van Ness Ave., San Francisco and, by placing his two hands on my head, Archbishop John Mitty transferred his power to me and the [...]

A Celtic Lent

I do realize that Lent is leaving us and leading us to the glorious victory of the Son of God, that death will be no more, there will be neither mourning or weeping in the place which he has gone to prepare for us. Looking to the experience of a Celtic Holy Week - see [...]

G-d in Exile

We are imprisoned because we have exiled our G‑d. As long as we search for G‑d by abandoning the world He has made, we can never truly find Him. As long as we believe there is a place to escape, we cannot be liberated. The ultimate liberation will be when we open our eyes ......[ ] [...]

Orthodox Saints for 5th March

Follow this for the complete list of Orthodo Saints for 5th March   (III - 18)  Uncovering of the Precious Cross and the Precious Nails by the Empress St Helena in Jerusalem (326)[1][6][7][8] Finding the True Cross According to the 1955 Roman Catholic Marian Missal: St. Helen, the first Christian Empress, went to Jerusalem to search for the True [...]