Church Set Free



There was a warehouse.  It was the warehouse of all warehouses.  From the front it looked just like any other warehouse.  But once inside the door – only then was it the warehouse of all warehouses.  This warehouse stretched further than the eye could see.  No lighting could do the cavernous interior true justice.  As far as the eye could see were cartons and crates, containers and casks, crazy stacks of this and mad piles of that.  No system would ever truly catalogue the inventory.  No process would ever make sense of the ever-increasing stock.  For the deliveries were constant.  The deliveries were eclectic.  The stock was functional and esoteric.  Useful and useless.  Used and never ever to be used.  But still it came.  Still it was accepted.  Still it was tucked away in darker and darker recesses.  Just in case.  No just in time system would ever be welcome here.  Just in case was the only operating system that would ever be tolerated.

As we walked through the confusion of this and the complexity of that, I became aware of “blackness”.  Stacks of “stuff” that reflected no light.  Stuff that no light would penetrate.

This place needs a good clear-out. I remarked.  And he nodded.

On and on we walked.  There was so much stuff I could not recall ordering.  So many piles I could not remember being delivered.  And so many areas I could not even see.  The lights were not enough.  The space was too huge.  The labelled and dusty piles too many.  And these stacks of “darkness” … I found myself wondering “Why?” as we passed.  What purpose did this “darkness” serve?

“You find what you follow, you find what you look for, Paul.  You know this darkness as “sin”.  You look for sin in everything, and each time you find it, you add another stack within.  And the darkness increases.  You find sin and it adds to your inventory.

See this place?  See how much there is?  See how cavernous and full?  See how …[  ]


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