Celtic and OES 25 May 2018

25  St. Keby of Cornwall St. Macaille of Croghan St. Maughold of Man St. Mella of Doire-Melle ST. MELLA, ABBESS OF DOIRE-MELLE, COUNTY OF LEITRIM. [EIGHTH CENTURY] Some account of this holy woman is given by Colgan and by the Bollandists. St. Mella flourished, about the middle of the eighth century, in the northern parts [...]

Celtic and Old English for May 2018-Kathleen Hanrahan and Mo! Langdon

Celtic and Old English Saints May 2018 1 St. Asaph of Wales St. Brioc of Brittany St. Ceallach of Killala St. Kevoca of Kyle 2 St. Gennys of Cornwall St. Germanus of Normandy St. Gluvias of Cornwall St. Neachtain St. Ultan of Peronne 3 St. Conleth of Kildare St. Ethelwin of Lindsey St. Philip of [...]

Easter Day 2018-celtic saints 1 April

  St. Cellach of Armagh Early life and background Cellach was the son of Áed mac Máele Ísu meic Amalgada of the Clann Sínnaig. Áed had been abbot of Armagh and Coarb Pátraic ("heir" or "successor" of Saint Patrick; head of the church of Armagh) from 1074 to 1091. The Clann Sínaig, of the Uí Echdach sept of [...]

Splitting the Sea-Chabad

  Along the path to Torah is the splitting of the sea. What is the sea? It is the thick blanket of materialism that smothers the fire of the G‑dly soul. With a miracle, it is ripped away and the truth revealed. Only then can the Torah be received.[ ] via Splitting the Sea - Daily Dose [...]

Blessed Gandolph of Binasco

April 3 Blessed Gandolph of Binasco Confessor, First Order This blessed man was born in the little town of Binasco in Lombardy, He renounced the vanities of the world in the flower of his youth in order to become a religious of the Order of St. Francis. This was in the lifetime of the holy [...]