Blessed Gandolph of Binasco

April 3
Blessed Gandolph of Binasco
Confessor, First Order


This blessed man was born in the little town of Binasco in Lombardy, He renounced the vanities of the world in the flower of his youth in order to become a religious of the Order of St. Francis. This was in the lifetime of the holy Founder. He was remarkable for his deep humility, his great love of prayer, and his boundless zeal for the salvation of souls. His reputation for sanctity was widespread in Sicily. His life was one of continual penance and rigorous abstinence. Besides the fasts enjoined by the rule he fasted three days in the week on bread and water. His only tunic was a hair shirt. He spent whole nights in prayer and was often rapt in ecstasy. Such was his love of humility and his horror of the praise of men that, on learning that his brethren spoke in terms of admiration of his virtue, he determined to withdraw to a solitary place in order to escape the temptation to vanity.

Source;Blessed Gandolph the Grey