I haven’t lost one yet

Faith gathers quietly, to fear cast out

Just me being curious

Those times when I respond to a need
When there are reasons for living at speed
When there is need for speed of living
When the living is long exhausted giving
That’s when the adrenalin kicks in.

And after the need for speed is gone
When the keeping things going is won
When the winning has stopped spinning
And the spinning has stopped winning
That’s when the exhaustion kicks in.

When the simple things seem the big things
When innocent words are intentional attacks
When the mundane takes on a perplexing confusion
When the routine is all empty obligation with no value
That’s when depression kicks in.

Maybe that’s just me
The only one to see
The peak and trough
As an emotional cough
A chemical high-five
And a worn out dive

That’s when I invite me to look up high
My mind and my eyes drawn high to sky

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