Scores of attempts have been made to compute the actual date of the earliest Biblical event–the creation. The most famous was undoubtedly that made by Bishop James Ussher in the seventeenth century.

James Ussher was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1581 and died in England in 1656. He lived through a time of tremendous political and religious upheaval in his native Ireland and in England. Though he was a Puritan in theology, he was a royalist in his stedfastness to the king and the principle of divine right of kings. Invited to participate in the Westminster Assembly, which eventually wrote the Westminster Confession and Catechism, Ussher refused because he thought the assembly itself was illegal.

In his day Ussher was an eminent scholar known to the foremost thinkers and statesmen in England. His collected works total seventeen volumes; the most famous of these is his Annals of the Old and New Testament, published in the 1650’s. The work is a detailed chronology and dating of Biblical history. It is in this work that Ussher said God created the world on the morning of this day, October 23, 4004 B.C. More

Ushers Date for the beginning of the world

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