Saint Tertius 30 October 2018

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Holy Disciple from the Seventy: Tertius (Tercias)

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Tertius (Tercias)

Saint Tertius was the second bishop in succession (after the holy Disciple Sosipater) in Iconium, where he converted many pagans to Christ, and here he ended his life as a martyr. The Apostle Paul makes mention of him in the Epistle to the Romans (Rom. 16: 22). Saint Mark, he that was John, (Acts 12: 12), a nephew of the Disciple Barnabas, was bishop of Apolloniada (Col. 4: 10). It was in the house of his mother Maria that the persecuted disciples found shelter after the Ascension of the Lord. Saint Justus, called Barsaba, a son of Saint Joseph the Betrothed, was chosen in place of Judas, together with Matthias. He was a bishop and died a martyr’s death at Eleutheropolis.

Saint Artemis was bishop of the Lycian city of Lystra, and he died peacefully.

Source: Wondrous is God in His Saints!

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