Feb 24 Sts of the day

February 24

Saint Matthias; please click the image for his information

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Paul Shinji Sasaki; 

…The cost of resistance to and non-cooperation with the government’s religious policies was public criticism by prominent lay and ordained members of the Nippon Sei Ko Kai, harassment by the military police and periods of imprisonment for church leaders such as Sasaki, as well as Bishops Samuel Heaslett and Todomu Sugai.[3]

On January 25, 1944, Sasaki was installed at St. Andrew’s Cathedral, Tokyo as Bishop of Tokyo to replace Bishop Peter Yonetaro Matsui [4]

During late 1944, government prosecutors examined Sasaki and Bishop of South Tokyo Todomu Sugai, on numerous occasions; military police detaining them for extended periods at Sugamo Prison. Reports of torture at the hands of the military police at Sugamo Prison are also recorded.[5] On their release on the 16th June 1945, both men were found malnourished and in poor health from their confinement, neither being able to walk without assistance.[6][7][8]

Sasaki had remained in Tokyo throughout the Allied incendiary bombing of the city. At considerable personal risk, he held fast to the principle that religion should not be unduly interfered with by the state.[9] Sasaki died less than a year after his release from prison at the end of the war….[…]


hilip Lindel Tsen

…Tsen was consecrated as Assistant Bishop of Honan on 23 February 1929, becoming the second Chinese diocesan bishop in an established Anglican diocese after Assistant Bishop Sing of Chekiang in 1919.[3] In the Summer of 1930 Tsen was also the first Chinese bishop to attend the Lambeth Conference. When Bishop White retired in 1935 Tsen was elevated by the House of Bishops to serve as the next Bishop of Honan.
In 1937 Tsen visited Canada with Bishop Paul Shinji Sasaki of the Nippon Sei Ko Kai to bear witness to the unity of Chinese and Japanese Christians, despite the war between the two nations.
At the end of the Second World War Tsen attended the Lambeth Conference of 1948, but was placed under house arrest immediately on his return.
For his courage and leadership of the Chinese Anglican community during the Second World War, the Calendar of saints (Anglican Church of Canada) remembers Bishop Tsen annually on February 24 (along with Bishop Paul Shinji Sasaki of Japan), and the Calendar of saints (Episcopal Church in the United States of America) remembers the pair on October 31….[…]


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