St.David of Wales 1 March

St. David Patron Saint of Wales

St. David’s Day is marked every year on the anniversary of his death, it is not a public holiday, though many traditions have developed around the date.{Wolfgang Sauber}

it has been celebrated regularly since David was canonised by Pope Callixtus II in the 12th century, with various customs developing. Read more: The proud history of the Welsh national anthem, and what the words mean These include the wearing of daffodils and leeks – two of the most recognisable symbols of Wales – and eating traditional dishes such as Welsh rarebit. St David’s Day…..[…]


In the Welsh language, “Happy St David’s Day” translates as “Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus”. If Welsh pronunciation isn’t your strong point, a rough phonetic translation of the phrase would be: “deethe goil Dewi hapeece”.