Passion Sunday

The Last Sunday in Lent

In the Roman Rite the name “Passion Sunday” has never been officially applied to the sixth Sunday of Lent in spite of the reading at the Mass of that day of an account in one of the Synoptic Gospels of the Passion of Christ.Up until 1954, the name of the sixth Sunday of Lent was “Palm Sunday”.In 1955, the name became, for 15 years only, “Second Sunday of the Passion or Palm Sunday”.In 1970, it became “Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord”.

Passion Sunday and other named days and day ranges around Lent and Easter in Western Christianity, with the fasting days of Lent numbered
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The reading for this year – year 3 of the Lectionary is from Luke 19:28-44 New International Version (NIV) Which, as we rediscovered ,last Wednesday at Bible Study, does not feature Palms in the Triumphant Entry into Jerusalem. Thus we dubbed the reading ” No Palms Luke”

At the Lady Jacoba’s well

Last evening the Community of Christ our hope Sydney came to our Well to celebrate Palm/Passion Sunday with a liturgy and hot cross buns; followed by Ginger Beer.


Opening Prayer Blessing of Palms

Today and throughout Holy Week our attention focuses on the sufferings Jesus endured for our sake and how they led to his resurrection and our own rising to new life. We keep in mind also, that Jesus goes on suffering today in his body in the people who are victims of injustice, of deprivation,marginalization, isolation,betrayal and persecution. Let us pray for them that they might also rise with Jesus and that we may help them to rise to new life.

Alternative opening prayer,

Alternative Prayer of the Blessing of Palms

God of all life,we come before you with green branches,symbols of life and youth, and of Jesus, who called himself the green wood.

Bless us, and bless these branches + let these green twigs and leaves acclaim Christ as the one who brings us life’s fullness, even though we have to take with him the hard road of suffering and death towards the Resurrection.

We ask this through Jesus the Christ who lives and reigns for ever and ever. R/Amen

Snipped from a photo taken by Andrew
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Image By Cmglee – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,