1 May Greek Orthodox Church

The Greek Orthodox Church shares most of its Feasts with that of the Russians – today is added.

Nikiforos the Monk of Chios, Synaxis of the Three New Righteous Martyrs of the Holy Mountain, Euthymius, Ignatius, and Acacius, Asaph, Bishop of Wales

Nikiforos the Monk of Chios

St. Nikephoros the Leper (+ January 4th, 1964) (picture taken from:http://www.egolpio.com/AGIOLOGIO/nikiforos_lepros.htm)

Our venerable father Nicephorus the Leper who lived in the twentieth century as a monk in the leper colony of Chios. He was a disciple of St. Anthimus of Chios. His feast day is celebrated on January 4.

Father Nicephorus was born Nicholas Tzanakakis in 1890 in a village of Serikari of Chania, Crete. His parents, who were simple and pious villagers, died while he was a small child, leaving him an orphan, under the care of his grandfather. When he was thirteen he moved to Chania and began to work in a barbershop. Soon after he began to show signs of Hansen’s disease (i.e. leprosy). When he was sixteen years old his disease became more visible. As leprosy was a transmissible disease that was treated with fear, Nicholas fled to Egypt to escape an exile to Spinaloga, an island leper colony. The disease continued to advance as he worked in a barbershop in Alexandria, Egypt. At the suggestion of a cleric who told him of Lovokomeio, the home for lepers on the island of Chios, Nicholas fled again.

In 1914 at the age of 24, Nicholas arrived at the home for lepers in Chios that was administered by the priest Anthimus Vagianos, later remembered as St. Anthimus of Chios. The chapel of St. Lazarus at the leper home, with its wonder-working icon of the Panagia of Ypakoe (Obedience), provided an atmosphere that opened for Nicholas his spirituality and faith. Within two years Fr. Anthimus saw that Nicholas was ready for the schema and tonsured him a monk with the name Nicephorus (Νικηφóρος). Source:

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