Saints of the Day – June 2019

Saints of the Day for June
1. Saint Justin Martyr
1. Saint Pamphilus of Caesarea
2. Saints Pothinus & Sanctus, Attalus, Blandina And The Martyrs Of Lyon
3. Saint Clotilda
4. Saint Francis Caracciolo
5. Saint Boniface
6. Saint Norbert
7. Saint Robert of Newminster
7. Saint Claude
8. Saint Medard
9. Saints Primus and Felicianus
9. Saint Columba
10. Saint Margaret of Scotland
11. Saint Barnabas
12. Saint John of Saint Fagondez
13. Saint Antony of Padua
14. Saint Basil the Great
15. Saints Vitus, Crescentia, and Modestus
16. Saint John Francis Regis
17. Saint Avitus
18. Saints Marcus and Marcellianus,
19. Saint Juliana Falconieri
20. Saint Silverius
21. Saint Aloysius Gonzaga
22. Saint Paulinus of Nola
23. Saint Etheldreda
24. Saint John the Baptist
25. Saint Prosper of Aquitaine. St William of Monte-Vergine
26. Saints John and Paul
27. Saint Ladislas
28. Saint Irenaeus
29. Saint Peter
30. Saint Paul
Saints of the Day for June – Changes & Reforms
The dates and names attributed to the Saint of the Day for June section include those used by many Catholics in America in the 1900’s as detailed in the Lives of the Saints by Alban Butler which was taken from the Benziger Brothers edition of the book published in 1894. Various changes and reforms have resulted in different calendars culminating in the General Roman Calendar of 1962.
The history, facts, information and life story of all of the above Saints can be accessed from the Catholic Saints Index.