Saint of the Day 6 September-St Magnus of Füssen

Statue of St Mang of Füssen outside the Basilica of St Mang in Füssen, Bavaria.

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Saint of the Day – 6 September – St Magnus of Füssen – Religious Priest, Monk, Abbot, Missionary, Spiritual student of Saint Columban and Saint Gall at Arbon (part of modern Switzerland) (Died in c 666? or 722? at the monastery at Füssen, Bavaria (in modern Germany) of natural causes).    Patronages –  against caterpillars,• against hail or hailstorms,• against lightning,• against snakes,• against vermin,• for protection of crops. St Magnus of Füssen was both a monk and a missionary. An interesting story involves him bringing reconciliation between St Gall and his master St Columban.   He is also venerated as one of the Holy Helpers invoked in time of plague such as the Black Death.

Monk of St Gall

Magnus was a monk at St Gall.   One moving story involving him is that, on learning of the death of Columbanus whom Gall had refused to accompany to Bobbio in Italy, Gall sent Magnus to pray at Columbanus’s grave.  […]

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