About CCOH Sydney

aconChrist Our Hope Community is an Inter-Spiritual, ecumenical, contemplative network of companions.  We are a community of Christians walking a spiritual path together that integrates simplicity, mindfulness, meditation, social justice, equality for all and prayer. We are a community of inquiry, outreach, learning and service. We are also full charter members of the Monastery of the Heart Network – a new movement for a new world. Our practice is grounded in traditional Christian practices of contemplative prayer  and in the ancient practices of mindfulness, meditation, and deep insight. Our community is inclusive, welcoming, and open to anyone seeking a deeper experience of the Divine in their daily lives. We meet regularly for prayer, worship and spiritual fellowship..
Christ Our Hope Community is a ‘street ministry’ and outreach of Christ Our Hope . The Community is a not-for-profit group whose sole purpose is to gather in the name of God, share in the Word, break Bread and proclaim Good News to others through word and deed. We remain at all times an inclusive, all embracing and affirming community in the ‘Old Catholic Celtic’ tradition. We practice the hospitality of Jesus toward all: women, men, youth, seniors, indigenous peoples, sexual minorities, families, married, partnered, and single. We recognize that all of us are the People of God and respect the talents and calling of each, encouraging and welcoming all to fully participate in the ministerial and sacramental life for the life of the world in which we live.

We do not seek to take Christians away from the Churches they now attend, rather, we pray for the return to Christian Unity and offer unconditional love, acceptance, and welcome everyone to the Lord’s Table.

As Christians we strive to follow the simplicity of Christ’s message – love, peace, forgiveness. We challenge ourselves to make a difference in society and work towards building peace at every level.

Like the early Christian Communities we draw upon the gifts and talents of the faithful for ministry in teaching, Liturgy, healing, prayers, community care, and other ministries.

Situated close by to Sydney central railway Station we are home to members who live within a wide geographic region: from Eastwood and the Hills District in the Northwest, through to the Eastern Suburbs and to the Southern Suburbs around Botany Bay.


An outbound bus stop is located right outside the ACON building near the corner of Elizabeth and Devonshire Streets.

An inbound bus stop is located 100m from the entrance to the ACON building near the corner of Chalmers and Devonshire Streets.
Train Central Railway Station is located approximately 370m from the entrance to the ACON building. All Sydney trains pass through this station.


Fr Casper Spiritus

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