Episcopal Ordination

The following slideshow represents the Ordination of our pastor Fr Peter Johnson to the Episcopate.

As an independent Community of Celtic Origin the Community of Christ Our Hope, Sydney is not in Communion with Rome. You might say we do not speak to each other, since Communion is a form of conversation and because of this, though Fr Peter’s Ordination to the Episcopate was valid it is illicit according to Rome. The question is – do we worry about what Rome believes if we are independent of her?

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For those who would feel happier knowing – Here is what the Code of canon Law says about the matter:-

Ministers of Ordination

Canon 1012

The minister of sacred ordination is a consecrated bishop; this corresponds to Eastern code

743 and 744. Canon 1012 the Currant and universal practice of the Church.

For purposes of this canon (1012) and canons 1013 and 1014, episcopal consecration is synonymous with episcopal ordination. The consecrating bishop himself must be validly ordained. A bishop who is himself illicitly but validly ordained in turn illicitly hut validly ordains candidates to the diaconate and presbyterate. Even one who illicitly removed himself from the episcopal college united with Rome ordains validly, though certainly illicit

Tradition has never held that more than one validly ordained bishop is absolutely necessary for episcopal ordination. However the practice prior to the Council Of Nicea (325) and continuing into the present affirms that at least three bishops ordain a bishop (one principal Consecrator with two designated co-consecrators). Symbolically, the collegiality or the episcopate is apparent; practically, the Church is undoubtedly assured of the validity of the ordination as three bishops participate in an ordination Which requires only one of them for validity.

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