celtic February 1 – Venerable Brigid of Ireland 2018

Venerable Brigid (Bridget) of Ireland Saint Brigid, “the Mary of the Gael,” was born around 450 in Faughart, about two miles from Dundalk in County Louth. According to Tradition, her father was a pagan named Dubthach, and her mother was Brocessa (Broiseach), one of his slaves. Even as a child, she was known for her [...]

Welsh St. Lleudadd of Bardsey, Abbot (Laudatus)15 January 2018

Lleudad (Laudat) Bardysian (Latin Lleudadd, Laudatus, VI century), hegumen , the Reverend Memory January 15 (Celtic and Brit.) Originally the Welshman was abbot of the monastery on the island of Bardsey Island . He helped Reverend Kadfan in his missionary work in Brittany . Perhaps the same person with Saint Law (Laut) Kutansky (commemorated on September 22). Used materials Phillips, Andrew, priest . The Latin Saints of the Orthodox Patriarchate of Rome : http://www.orthodoxengland.org.uk/stdjan.htm "St. Lleudadd of [...]

CEOLWULPH or CEOLULPH 15 January 2018

(CEOLWULPH or CEOLULPH) King of Northumbria and monk of Lindisfarne, date and place of birth not known; died at Lindisfarne, 764. His ancestry is thus given by the "Anglo-Saxon Chronicle": "Ceolwulf was the son of Cutha, Cutha of Cuthwin, Cuthwin of Leoldwald, Leoldwald of Egwald, Egwald of Aldhelm, Aldhelm of Ocga, Ocga of Ida, Ida of Eoppa." Harpsfeld says that he [...]

Uncertain Times 13 January 2018

There have been uncertain times in the Blair Household, AKA Br. Francis-clare. THis has caused my posting efforts to keep this site rolling to be uncertain and frustrated. Having run the gamut of Celtic saints and catholic/orthodox saints I have reached the point where  I am unsure regarding what I should make the steady theme. [...]

Nov 29 – St Brendan of Birr-Irish

Nov 29 – St Brendan of Birr   St. Brendan's Church, Birr. Prophet of Ireland Abbot Died c. 573[1] Birr, Ireland Venerated in Roman Catholic Church Anglican Communion Orthodox Church Feast 29 November via Nov 29 - St Brendan of Birr (d. 573) abbot - Catholicireland.netCatholicireland.net Image Attribution Andreas F. Borchert [CC BY-SA 3.0 de (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/de/deed.en), CC [...]

Triduana (8th century) 9 November 2017

St. Triduana was a Scottish saint whose life is bound up with the coming of the bones of St. Andrew to Scotland. According to the 16th century Aberdeen Breviary, Triduana was a Greek woman who came to Scotland sometime in the 4th century. Most accounts say that she came as a consecrated virgin in the entourage [...]

Celtic and Old English Saints – November 2017

  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday           1  St. Cadfan of Wales St. Ceitho of Wales St. Pabiali of Wales St. Dingad of Wales St. Cledwyn of Wales St. Gwythian of Cornwall  2  Ss. Baya and Maura St. Hercus of Slane St. Cumgar of Devonshire  3  St. Winifred of Holywell St. [...]