In Times of Trouble 28 january 2017

Maybe the highest form of spirituality is simply to bear patiently with our brokenness. In the midst of a world of emotional and psychological violence, perhaps we can at least refrain from violence of any kind toward ourselves. -from Loaded: Money and the Spirituality of Enough Source: In Times of Trouble

Bittersweet – Be Lifted

  I’ve I’ve prayed about it I’ve allowed God to handle it I’ve made room to forgive It’s over It’s finally over Now I can Start to experience closure Trying to describe how I’m feeling right now..... Source: Bittersweet – Be Lifted

where there is despair, hope

Attributed to St Francis of Assisi, this phrase came immediately to mind as I wrestled with how I should respond to the three air disasters of recent memory (with the loss of innocent lives of women, men and children – rich and poor, professional and ordinary folk, families and singles); the advance of ISIS/Islamic State/DAESH [...]