Church Set Free

  There was a warehouse.  It was the warehouse of all warehouses.  From the front it looked just like any other warehouse.  But once inside the door – only then was it the warehouse of all warehouses.  This warehouse stretched further than the eye could see.  No lighting could do the cavernous interior true justice.  [...]

Discussion – 30 July 2017

What I truly enjoy at Christ our Hope Sydney is the opportunity for feedback by our fellow brothers and sisters, giving their thought regarding the preachers gems and glass  concerning the Homilies, our sermons and addresses. Today, at the end of of my Address I asked whether there were any criticisms or questions. Readings Matthew [...]

Arrows of Life – Daily Dose of Wisdom

In which direction does your life move? To wherever you have placed its arrow. Source: Arrows of Life - Daily Dose of Wisdom

What is G‑d’s ultimate delight?

Menachem Av 25, 5775 · August 10, 2015​ What is G‑d’s ultimate delight? That a human soul will build portals of light so that the Creator’s presence may shine into His creation. The Ultimate Delight That a breath from His essence will pull herself out from the mud and turn to Him in love. That [...]