Icon of Saint Honoratus of Arles, founder of Lérins Monastery. Creative Commons Life He was of a consular Roman family, then settled in Gaul, and was well versed in the liberal arts. In his youth he renounced the worship of idols and gained his elder brother, Venantius, to Christ, whom he also inspired with a contempt of the [...]

Saint Ailred (or Aelred) of Rievaulx (1110-67) 12 Jan.2019

Born1110 Hexham, Northumberland, England Died12 January 1167 (aged 56–57) Rievaulx, Yorkshire, England Resting place Rievaulx chapter house next to William, first abbo tVenerated in Roman Catholic Church; Anglican Communion Major shrineRievaulx Abbey, Yorkshire, England (destroyed) Feast12 January Attributes Abbot holding a book Patronage bladder stone sufferers Aelred was an Anglo-Saxon, born in Hexham, Northumbria, in 1110. His father, a married priest, [...]

Clement of Alexandria 4 December

Clement of Alexandria Clement from Les vrais pourtraits et vies des hommes illustres grecz, latins et payens(1584) by André Thévet For the life of Clement please visit - And: Also: Church Father, Theologian Born   c. 150   Athens Died  c. 215  Jerusalem Venerated in     Oriental Orthodox Church, Eastern Catholic Churches,Anglican Communion Canonized Pre-congregation Feast 4 December (Eastern Catholicism, Anglicanism) [...]

St Stephen 26 December 2017

Deacon and Protomartyr Born A.D. 5 Died A.D. 34 Jerusalem, Judaea, Roman Empire Venerated in Roman Catholic Church Eastern Catholic Church Eastern Orthodox Church Oriental Orthodox Church Assyrian Church of the East Armenian Apostolic Church Eastern Catholic Churches Lutheranism Anglican CommunionFeast  26 December (Western) 27 December (Eastern) 9 January (Eastern Orthodox Churches) 25 December/7 January (Armenian Apostolic and [...]

Nov 26 – St Leonard of Porto Maurizio (1676-1751) Franciscan

  Nov 26 - St Leonard of Porto Maurizio (1676-1751) Franciscan Saint Leonardo of Porto Maurizio vis wikipedia Birth As December 20 as 1676  Porto Maurizio ( Imperia ,Liguria , Italy ) Death As November 26 as 1751  Poland Revered in Catholic Church Beatification June 19, 1796 by Pope Pius VI Canonization June 29, 1867 by Pope Pius IX Festivity November 26 St Leonard was a Franciscan priest and successful retreat preacher. [...]

Why be well? 9 November 2017

Do You Want to Be Well? Posted on November 6, 2017 by paulfg Rate This “Do You Want to Be Well?” CCOHSYDNEY “It is interesting that our Lord asked the man if he wanted to be well. Wouldn’t it seem obvious that he wanted healing since he had been hurting for decades? Why else would he have been there?” The [...]

ON 16th October 1771- “I preached at South Leigh-Wesley

110 PROCEEDINGS OF THE WESLEY HISTORICAL SOCIETY JOHN WESLEY'S EARLY SERMONS ON 16th October 1771, John Wesley noted in his Journal: "I preached at South Leigh. Here it was that I preached my first sermon, six-and-forty years ago."l From this one entry, several different accounts have developed concerning Wesley's first preaching. One particular tradition interprets [...]


Community of Christ Our Hope Published by Gregory Horn · 27 August at 17:25 · The Community of Christ Our Hope Sydney does not have a formal policy on the AUSTRALIAN MARRIAGE LAW POSTAL SURVEY but notes the well-formed position of St Peter's Eastern Hill (Melbourne). We congratulate the Parish Council on their wisdom and publish the extract below [...]

Saint of the Day – Franciscan Media-30 July-8 August 2017

  Franciscan Media, formerly St. Anthony Messenger Press, seeks to help Christians grow closer to God by creating inspiring and innovative products in the spirit of St. Francis. St. Anthony Messenger magazine, Servant Books, and inspire Catholics to live in love and grow in faith. Saint Peter Chrysologus July 30. Today we celebrate one [...]

Mary Mckillop- 19 July 2017

Saint Mary MacKillop Saint of the Day for July 19 (January 15, 1842 – August 8, 1909)       Saint Mary MacKillop’s Story If Saint Mary MacKillop were alive today, she would be a household name. It’s not that she sought the limelight. On the contrary, she simply wanted to serve the poor wherever she found them in [...]