Care about what other people think…

Care about what other people think, and you will always be their prisoner. WISDOM OF THE DAY | Nov 16, 2017 via Care about what other people think, and you will always be their prisoner. Image: adapted from a clip from the Movie: My Rainy Days (天使の恋 Tenshi no Koi) Director: Yuri Kanchiku Actors: Nozomi Sasaki [...]

Saint of the Day – Franciscan Media-30 July-8 August 2017

  Franciscan Media, formerly St. Anthony Messenger Press, seeks to help Christians grow closer to God by creating inspiring and innovative products in the spirit of St. Francis. St. Anthony Messenger magazine, Servant Books, and inspire Catholics to live in love and grow in faith. Saint Peter Chrysologus July 30. Today we celebrate one [...]

Source of Love

Every person is your brother, your sister. By acknowledging our companions around the table of the Lord, members of his body, we honor Christ as well. Our unity must not be merely theological, but real, as together we turn to worship God, the source of all love. –from Advent with Saint Teresa of Calcutta Source: Source of [...]

Christians, MLK Day, and Historical Amnesia

Christians, MLK Day, and Historical AmnesiaJanuary 17, 2016 by Rachel Held EvansRead Distraction FreeMartin Luther King, Jr., Memorial -- Washington (DC) March 2012 from Flickr via Wylio© 2012 Ron Cogswell, Flickr | CC-BY | via WylioOn the second day of Martin Luther King Jr.’s imprisonment in a Birmingham jail, a guard slipped him a copy [...]

where there is despair, hope

Attributed to St Francis of Assisi, this phrase came immediately to mind as I wrestled with how I should respond to the three air disasters of recent memory (with the loss of innocent lives of women, men and children – rich and poor, professional and ordinary folk, families and singles); the advance of ISIS/Islamic State/DAESH [...]

Navel gazing can have its limits !

Late Summer on the East Coast of Australia (southern hemisphere). Warm to hot days in Sydney. Long evening Shadows in Perth, Western Australia. Humidity in Brisbane, Queensland. In recent years,  prolonged  heat waves in Adelaide, South Australia. Bushfires in the southern part of the Continent and floods in the North…. In the northern hemisphere, cold [...]