Celtic Advent -St. Fionnchu of Bangor- 28 November 2016

  Celtic  Advent St. Fionnchu   November 28th St. Fionnchu of Bangor I struggled with how to approach this saint.  He was really the only Celtic Saint with this day, and I found I didn't really like him very much.  So how could I derive something helpful from narrating about his life?  Let's see where [...]

Celtic saint of the day 29th April

St. Endellion, Virgin, Nun, Recluse (Endelient) 6th century. Near Port Isaac, on the north coast of Cornwall, is the little village of Endellion, where the Roscarrock family made their home for four hundred years, and where Nicholas, to whom we owe so much information about the saints of Cornwall was born. He lived through the [...]