St. Charles Borromeo 4 November 2017

St. Charles Borromeo — Archbishop of Milan, Cardinal-Priest of the Title of St. Prassede, Papal Secretary of State under Pius IV,

Saint Bertin, Abbot. September 5. Rev. Alban Butler. 1866. Volume IX: September. The Lives of the Saints 6 September 2017

CONTENTS · BOOK CONTENTS · INDEX TO ALL SAINTS · BIBLIOGRAPHIC RECORD Rev. Alban Butler (1711–73).  Volume IX: September. The Lives of the Saints.  1866. September 5 St. Bertin, Abbot THIS illustrious saint, and excellent model of monastic perfection, was nobly born in the territory of Constance, in Switzerland, about the year 597. He learned from his infancy to love and esteem only virtue, and [...]

St. Nissen, Abbot of Montgarth, County Wexford-26 July 2017

Feast 25 July no memorial for 26 July 2017 St. Nissen, Abbot of Montgarth, County Wexford, Ordained by Saint Patrick 5th century. An Irishman, he was converted by St. Patrick and later became abbot of Mountgarret monastery in Wexford. Troparion of St Nessan Tone 2 O thou who didst converse with St Patrick/ and follow [...]

St. Oengus the Culdee 11 march 2017

St. Oengus the Culdee, Abbot & Bishop (Aengus, Oengoba) Born in Ireland; died c. 830. The appellation "Culdee," Ceile De, or Kele-De means "worship of God," which became the name of a monastic movement otherwise known as the "Companions of God." Oengus was of the race of the Dalriadans, kings of Ulster. In his youth, [...]

Celtic and Old English Saints-St. Aidan of Ferns – 31 January 2017

St. Aidan of Ferns, Bishop (Aedan, Aedh, Maedoc-Edan, Moedoc, Mogue) Bishop of Ferns Born c. 558 - County Cavan Died 31 January 632 -  Ferns Venerated in Roman Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox Church Canonized Pre-Congregation Major shrine - Enniscorthy Feast - 31 January Attributes- A hive of bees[1] Patronage Ferns; Templeport in County Cavan; Llawhaden Born in [...]

Irish-Saint Nennius, or Nennidhius, Abbot in Ireland. January 17 2017

St. Nennius, or Nennidhius, Abbot in Ireland January 17 St. Nennius, or Nennidhius, Abbot in Ireland DESPISING the vanities of the world, though of the race of the monarchs of Ireland, from his youth made the science of the cross of Christ the sole object of his ambition; and to engrave in his heart the lessons [...]

Saint Adrian of Canterbury-9 January 2017

 Saint Adrian of Canterbury icon. Saint Adrian of Canterbury Saint of the Day for January 9 (d. January 9, 710) Saint Adrian of Canterbury’s Story Though Saint Adrian turned down a papal request to become Archbishop of Canterbury, England, Pope Saint Vitalian accepted the rejection on the condition that Adrian serve as the Holy Father’s assistant and adviser. [...]

celtic-St. Flannan (7th century) – 18 December 2016

St Flannan is the patron saint of the diocese of Killaloe. This diocese includes large portions of the counties of Clare and North Tipperary; it also includes smaller portions of Offaly, Laois, and Limerick. The diocesan cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul is at Ennis. Portraits of Saints Flannan and Senan accompany those of Sts Peter [...]

Celtic -St. Budoc of Dol-9 December 2016

St. Budoc of Dol 6th or 7th century; feast day also on December 8. Breton sources call Saint Budoc the son of the King of Goello (Treguier), Brittany, and Azenor, daughter of the ruler of Brest. Budoc was supposed to have been born at sea under incredible circumstances. His mother had been falsely accused of [...]

Celtic Advent -St. Fionnchu of Bangor- 28 November 2016

  Celtic  Advent St. Fionnchu   November 28th St. Fionnchu of Bangor I struggled with how to approach this saint.  He was really the only Celtic Saint with this day, and I found I didn't really like him very much.  So how could I derive something helpful from narrating about his life?  Let's see where [...]