Now we are in Advent-or should be

In the Latin rite, last Sunday was the Feast of Christ the King, which we celebrated at Christ our Hope community meeting last Sunday in the mountains at Hazelbrook, at the Well of St. Jude. Rightfully, as Celtic christians we ought already be in Advent - or the Nativity fast as it is called. Advent [...]

Feast of Christ the King

Today is the Feast of christ the king, the last Sunday in Ordinary time before the beginning of the new Church year. Stained glass window created by William Earley (1872–1956), Dublin, in 1933, titled TU REX GLORIAE CHRISTE byHubert van Eyck [Public domain or Public domain] Christ the King Feast of christ the King  Christ the King is [...]

Waiting – yes I know it’s May

It has been an interesting experience walking through my local shopping complex, in recent months. Weeks ago – as far back as October – there appeared, in one of the Supermarkets, shelf upon shelf, aisle upon aisle of Christmas fare. You name it, it was there – hams…puddings…tarts…Christmas Chocolates… and so on it went; every [...]