Worry Appointments

Print · Read Online Worry Appointments By Tzvi Freeman Anxieties, worries, feelings of inadequacy and failure—all these smother and cripple the soul from doing its job. You need to find the appropriate time to deal with them. But don’t carry them around the whole day. During the day, you are Adam and Eve before they [...]

Holy Spirit and Holy Moses by Rick 21 July 2017

I was never too sure about God’s Holy Spirit Minister said it quickly and moved along In my doubt, I talked with God Trust Me, He said with love Holy Spirit sent from above To always be there So you will Know I Care Source: Holy Spirit and Holy Moses

So Close

     She only wished to touch His robe trying to see Him through crowds on the road She reached out for His hem Jesus immediately knew then A woman of great faith Touched His hem and heart Just by that touch Jesus knew! Source: So Close

May It Be « discoveringandsharinggrace

As I mentioned, I love reading the scriptures leading up to Christmas. Some of the most amazing scriptures relate to Mary and her faith. What would our reaction be if an angel of the Lord spoke to us about what was about to happen and what was expected of us? Shock? Wonder? Fear? Amazement? Confusion? [...]

Spiritual Observation – Rick Christensen

Spiritual Observation Sept 30th by Rick Christensen How are we going to look at life today? “The fullness of joy is to behold God in everything.” – Julian of Norwich If we are experiencing a challenging time can we be joyful that God is with us? That has been a challenge for me and one I [...]


CommUNITY by Rick Christensen     During my prayer time and talks with God this week, we covered many topics. This week is different. It is good to be back with you to share what I  received. We don’t know one another. I spent time this week observing people in the workplace being occupied with [...]

So Much Intolerance « discoveringandsharinggrace

  “Tolerance is the bond of all friendship, and unites people in heart and opinion and action, not only with each other, but in unity with our Lord, so that they may really be at peace.” – St. Vincent de Paul   Maybe it is the spirit of the political season. The intolerance. The I’m [...]

Hanging On -Peter and John & the crippled begger

This Gospel is from the Readings from Thursday of Easter Week in the RCL “While the beggar held on to Peter and John, all the people were astonished and came running to them in the place called Solomon’s colonnade.” Acts 3: 11 God continues to guide me to mediate on healing and faith. I love [...]

Going Where The Need Is « discoveringandsharinggrace

  After writing my post this morning and reading the wonderful comments, God and I have been talking about abuse and how quiet the community of faith is on this violence. How quiet I am. I am so proud of a young woman in my church who delivered one of the most beautiful and powerful [...]