St. Catherine of Alexandria-25th November 2016

St. Catherine of Alexandria Audio from Franciscan media   A virgin and martyr whose feast is celebrated in the Latin Church and in the various Oriental churches on 25 November, and who for almost six centuries was the object of a very popular devotion. Of noble birth and learned in the sciences, when only eighteen [...]

Celtic-St. Edmund the Martyr-20th November 2016

St. Edmund the Martyr Martyred king of the East Angles. He was elected king in 855 at the age of fourteen and began ruling Suffolk, England, the following year. In 869 or 870, the Danes invaded Edmund's realm, and he was captured at Hone, in Suffolk. After extreme torture, Edmund was beheaded and died calling [...]

Saint Denis and Companions 9th October

Saint Denis and Companions Saint of the Day for October 9 (d. 258?) Saint Denis and Companions’ Story This martyr and patron of France is regarded as the first bishop of Paris. His popularity is due to a series of legends, especially those connecting him with the great abbey church of St. Denis in Paris. [...]

Celtic and Old English Saints – 17 June

St. Nectan of Hartland, Martyr (Nighton) 6th century. The Welsh saint Nectan has always been venerated as a martyr killed by robbers, although we have no details about his life. He is the patron of Hartland, Devonshire, which is near the site of his hermitage. The fullest surviving vita dates only to the 12th century [...]

Saint of the Day 1st June

St. Justin Lived: (d. 165) | Feast Day: Wednesday, June 1, 2016 Justin never ended his quest for religious truth even when he converted to Christianity after years of studying various pagan philosophies. As a young man, he was principally attracted to the school of Plato. However, he found that the Christian religion answered the [...]