This day in Orthodoxy

Orthodox Calendar Wednesday December 12, 2018 / November 29, 2018 29th Week after Pentecost. Tone three. Nativity (St. Philip's Fast). By Monastic Charter: Strict Fast (Bread, Vegetables, Fruits) Martyr Paramon and 370 Martyrs in Bithynia (250). Martyr Philumenus of Ancyra, and with him Martyrs Valerian and Phaedrus (274). Venerable Acacius of Mt. Latros, who is [...]

Well of Saint Jacoba-2nd Advent-photos

This is the pedestal, well you can see that, made from a type of very heavy plastic, it screws together and so is not too wieldy for Peter to carry around. Purple for Advent and the second candle is either blue or mauve. Go to this link to see a variety of Advent calanders used [...]

September 11 2018

On this day also St. Paphnuti, the Bishop, died. He became a monk in the wilderness of St.Macarius. He schooled himself in asceticism and worship and lived a monastic life eating dry beans and fasted for days. He learned how to read and write and learned the doctrines of the church. He was ordained a [...]

Saint of the Day | Divine Mercy & St. Bernard 26 November 2017

Saint of the Day St. Peter of Alexandria Local commemorations of the fourth-century martyr Saint Peter of Alexandria will take place on Nov. 25 and 26. Although his feast day in the Western tradition (on the latter date) is no longer a part of the Roman Catholic Churchuniversal calendar, he remains especially beloved among Catholic [...]

Blessed Antonio Lucci – Franciscan Media-27 July 2017

Also known as Angel of the Poor (references to him as bishop) Angelo Nicola Lucci Memorial 25 July Profile The son of Francesco Lucci, a cobbler and coppersmith, and Angela Paolantonio, he was raised in a pious home, taught by Franciscans, and developed a devotion to Our Lady of the Rosary. Angelo joined the Franciscan Friars Minor Conventuals in his teens, making his solemn vows in 1698 and [...]

Celtic and Old english Saints- 1 July 2017

1  St. Servan of Culross Ss. Aaron and Julius of Caerleon St. Cewydd of Anglesey St. Gwenyth of Cornwall Ss. Aaron and Julius and Companions, Martyrs of Caerleon, Wales July 1 – St. Servan or Serf, Bishop, 6th or 8th century. Much that is legendary has become mixed up with the history of this saint, [...]

Saint Norbert 6-6-17–8-9-17

Audio from Franciscan Media Life and work Saint Norbert was born in Xanten, near the Rhineland in Germany . He grew up and was also educated in Xanten, near Wesel, in the Electorate of Cologne. His father, Heribert, Count of Gennep, was a member of the high nobility of the Holy Roman Empire and related [...]

Irish -St. Frigidian of Lucca 18 March 2017

St. Frigidian of Lucca, Bishop (Frediano, Frigdianus) Born in Ireland; died 588; feast day formerly March 15. In spite of the Italian name Frediano, by which he is usually called, St. Frigidian was an Irishman, the son of King Ultach of Ulster. He was trained in Irish monasteries and ordained a priest. His learning was imparted [...]

St. Oengus the Culdee 11 march 2017

St. Oengus the Culdee, Abbot & Bishop (Aengus, Oengoba) Born in Ireland; died c. 830. The appellation "Culdee," Ceile De, or Kele-De means "worship of God," which became the name of a monastic movement otherwise known as the "Companions of God." Oengus was of the race of the Dalriadans, kings of Ulster. In his youth, [...]

Celtic St. Brithwold of Sarum, Bishop- 22 January 2017

St. Brithwold of Sarum, Bishop (Berhtwald, Brihtwald) Memorial Died 1045. Saint Brithwold was a monk at Glastonbury in Wiltshire who was chosen bishop of Ramsbury in 995, and governed it for 50 years. After his death the see was moved to Old Sarum. His fame comes not from his long episcopate, but from his prophecy [...]