St. Gwinear, St. Phiala & Companions 23 March 2017

St. Gwinear, St. Phiala & Companions, Martyrs-(Fingar, Guigner, Gwinnear) Died 460. This saint's "vita" was not written by Anselm, probably a Cornish canon, until about eight centuries after his death. There is evidence that the basics of the story are true. When Saint Patrick was evangelizing Ireland, he came to the court of King Clito [...]

Celtic -St. Budoc of Dol-9 December 2016

St. Budoc of Dol 6th or 7th century; feast day also on December 8. Breton sources call Saint Budoc the son of the King of Goello (Treguier), Brittany, and Azenor, daughter of the ruler of Brest. Budoc was supposed to have been born at sea under incredible circumstances. His mother had been falsely accused of [...]

Celtic-St. Mawes of Brittany-November 18th 2016

St. Mawes of Brittany Died 6th century. The lives of the 6th century Irish saints frequently contain startling elements, and that of Saint Mawes is no exception. Even his birth was remarkable. His mother was called Azenor and lived in Brittany. One day she was thrown into the sea near Brest, with only a barrel [...]

Celtic- St. Cybi of Caenarvon – 8 November 2016

St. Cybi of Caenarvon, Abbot Bishop (Cuby, Keby) 6th century. Cuby is one of the few saints of Cornwall who seems to have been born there. He may have been the son of Saint Selevan (Levan; f.d. June 8) and cousin of Saint David of Wales (f.d. March 1). Consecrated a bishop, he settled with [...]

celtic – St. Illtud-6th November 2016

THE LIFE OF ST. ILLTUD Here begins the Life of Illtud, Abbot, November 6. § 1. Of the union of his parents and the birth of the boy. Victorious Letavia (that is, Lesser Britannia, Brittany), a rich and successful province, powerful in arms, none greater in warlike fame, took its origin from its mother, Britannia. [...]

Celtic-St. Kea, Bishop of Devon and Cornwall 5th November

  St. Kea, Bishop of Devon and Cornwall (Kay, Ke, Kenan, Quay) About the Fifth century, a young Irish monk watched with anguish as his brother monks sailed away from the southern shore of Ireland to preach the word of God to the heathen in England. Such was his distress at being left behind that [...]