Gregory the Great – St Angus MacNisse, 3 September 2018

As per usual, given the various versions of the Hagiography  of each saints, there are various versions according to the author and audience in conformity to the desires of the Church or religious orders of the time. If we look over at Celtic Saints of Sept. 3rd on this day there are  seven, including Gregory [...]

Celtic and OES 25 May 2018

25  St. Keby of Cornwall St. Macaille of Croghan St. Maughold of Man St. Mella of Doire-Melle ST. MELLA, ABBESS OF DOIRE-MELLE, COUNTY OF LEITRIM. [EIGHTH CENTURY] Some account of this holy woman is given by Colgan and by the Bollandists. St. Mella flourished, about the middle of the eighth century, in the northern parts [...]

Celtic Saints for September by: Ambrose Mooney-September 2017

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Ireland -St. Talmach of Lough Erc-14 March 2017

Omnium Sanctorum Hiberniae Saint Talmach, March 14 March 14 is the commemoration of Saint Talmach, whom Canon O'Hanlon links to County Cork and its patron Saint Finnbarr: ST. TALMACH, CONFESSOR. [Sixth and Seventh Centuries.] Some short notices of St. Talmach are given by Colgan, at the 14th of March. At this same date, the Bollandists [...]

Celtic and Old English Saints March 2017

Celtic and Old English Saints - Calendar March 2017 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday           1  St. David of Wales St. Marnock of Annandale St. Monan of St. Andrew's St. Aubin of Angers  2  St. Chad of Lichfield St. Slebhene of Iona St. Cynibild St. Fergna the White St. Joavan of [...]

Celtic and Old English Saints – St. Manach of Lemonaghan 24 January 2017

St. Manach of Lemonaghan St. Manchan lived in Leamonaghan, it is about two kilometres from Pollagh. St. Kieran of Clonmacnoise gave him some land and he formed a monastery in the year 645 AD. Nothing now remains but the ruins and the surrounding graveyard. The foundations of the original buildings may still be traced but [...]

Celtic-St. Columba of Tyrdaglas-12 December 2016

St. Columba of Tyrdaglas, Abbot (Colm) Born in Leinster, Ireland; died 548; feast may also be December 13. Saint Columba, son of the Leinster noble named Crimthain, was a disciple of Saint Finnian (f.d. today) and himself became a great master of the spiritual life. Finnian often had Saint Senach (f.d. March 8) keep an [...]

Celtic  -St. Dyfrig of Caerleon- 14th November

St. Dyfrig of Caerleon He was born at Moccas (Moch Rhos = Pig's Heath), near Hereford; died c. 545. Some old genealogies show Dyfrig as the great-great-grandson of Macsen Wledig and Elen of the Ways. Saint Dyfrig was an important church leader, a monk, in southeast Wales and western Herefordshire. His earliest foundation was Ariconium [...]

Celtic- St. Alfred the Great – 26 October

St. Alfred the Great, King of the West Saxons (+899) When the Gospel was first preached in Britain, the island was inhabited by Celtic peoples. In the 400's, pagan Germanic tribes, the Angles, Saxons, and Jutes, invaded Britain and drove the Christian Celts out of what is now England into Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. The [...]

Celtic saints from 19th September

Celtic saints from 19th September Beginning with St. Theodore of Canterbury scroll through the pages to the end of the month. Sorry for getting so far behind. The website, "Celtic and Old English Saints" belongs to  Ambrose Mooney is our Major source for our Celtic Saints, with additional informaiton  held in archives at yahool groups - see [...]