Celtic-St Brieuc 17 December 2016

St Brieuc (Brioch, Briach, Sant Brieg in Breton), born in British Cornwall, he came to Paris where he was ordained priest by St Germanus (not St Germanus of Auxerre) in the year 549. The year after, he returned back to his country, converted his father, built churches and monasteries, erected Crosses and worked miracles. On [...]

Celtic-St. Kea, Bishop of Devon and Cornwall 5th November

  St. Kea, Bishop of Devon and Cornwall (Kay, Ke, Kenan, Quay) About the Fifth century, a young Irish monk watched with anguish as his brother monks sailed away from the southern shore of Ireland to preach the word of God to the heathen in England. Such was his distress at being left behind that [...]

Celtic-St. Gwyddfarch, Hermit of Moel yr Ancr, Wales-3rd November 2016

Celtic-St. Gwyddfarch, Hermit of Moel yr Ancr, Wales-3rd November 2016 A number of ascetics chose the tops of hills. One such was the hermit and monastic founder St Gwyddfarch. We know little about his early life beyond the fact that he was part of the community founded by his spiritual father, St Llywelyn at Trallwng [...]

Celtic St. Cadfan of Wales 1st November 2016

St. Cadfan of Wales, Abbot (Catamanu, Catman) One of many saints celebrated on this day, see  All Saints Day in Celtic Christianity for the reasons why the Celtic Christians did not celebrate this feast on 1st November. Saint Cadfan (Latin: Catamanus), sometimes Anglicized as Gideon, was the 6th century founder-abbot of Tywyn (whose church is dedicated [...]

Celtic- St.John of Beverly -25th October 2016

St.John of Beverly, Bishop of York, Who Ordained Saint Bede to the Priesthood Born in Harpham (Humberside), Yorkshire, England; died at Beverley, England, May 7, 721; canonized in 1037; feast of translation, October 25. Saint John trained for the priesthood and monastic life in Kent under the direction of Saints Adrian and Theodore, but returned [...]

Celtic- St. Comgan, of Scotland, Abbot of Lochalsh, Brother of Saint Kentigerna, Hermitess of Loch Lomond (Cowan) – 13 October

St. Comgan, of Scotland, Abbot of Lochalsh, Brother of Saint Kentigerna, Hermitess of Loch Lomond (Cowan) - 13 October 8th century. Saint Comgan, son of King Ceallach (Kelly) of Leinster, was the brother of Saint Kentigern (f.d. January 7) and uncle to Saint Fillan (f.d. January 19). Farmer reports that he succeeded his father as [...]

Celtic and Old English Saints – 29 July

St. Sulian of Cornwall (Silin) 6th century. Saint Sulian may be identical with the Breton Saint Sulien of Cornouaille and Domon�e. He was the founder and abbot, but not the patron, of Luxulyan in Cornwall. There is considerable, but understandable, confusion between Sulian and another Saint Sulinus of East Brittany and the Welsh Saint Tysilio [...]

Celtic saint of the day 29th April

St. Endellion, Virgin, Nun, Recluse (Endelient) 6th century. Near Port Isaac, on the north coast of Cornwall, is the little village of Endellion, where the Roscarrock family made their home for four hundred years, and where Nicholas, to whom we owe so much information about the saints of Cornwall was born. He lived through the [...]