Celtic and Old English Saints – 6 June

St. Jarlath of Tuam, Bishop     Patron of the Archdiocese of Tuam, born in Connaught about 445; died 26 December, (al., 11 Feb.), about 540. Jarlath is regarded as the founder and principle patron of the Archdiocese of Tuam in Galway, Ireland. He belonged to the Conmaicne family, perhaps the most important and powerful [...]

Celtic and Old English Saints no. 2 – 15 May

St. Colman McO'Laoighse, Abbot (Columbanus)     6th century. A disciple of Saint Columba (f.d. June 9) and Saint Fintan of Clonenagh (f.d. February 17), Saint Colman founded and governed the monastery of Oughaval, of which only a few stones remain (Benedictines). Saint Colman was a disciple of St. Columba, Abbot of Iona and Sr. [...]

St. Porphyrios and a Nightingale

Orthodoxy and the World: Pilgrimages, Missions, Everyday Saints and other Stories by an Orthodox City Hermit St. Porphyrios and a Nightingale One morning I was walking alone in the virgin forest. Everything, freshened by the morning dew, was shining in the sunlight. I found myself in a gorge. I walked through it and sat on a [...]