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Orthodox Calendar Wednesday December 12, 2018 / November 29, 2018 29th Week after Pentecost. Tone three. Nativity (St. Philip's Fast). By Monastic Charter: Strict Fast (Bread, Vegetables, Fruits) Martyr Paramon and 370 Martyrs in Bithynia (250). Martyr Philumenus of Ancyra, and with him Martyrs Valerian and Phaedrus (274). Venerable Acacius of Mt. Latros, who is [...]

Welsh St. Lleudadd of Bardsey, Abbot (Laudatus)15 January 2018

Lleudad (Laudat) Bardysian (Latin Lleudadd, Laudatus, VI century), hegumen , the Reverend Memory January 15 (Celtic and Brit.) Originally the Welshman was abbot of the monastery on the island of Bardsey Island . He helped Reverend Kadfan in his missionary work in Brittany . Perhaps the same person with Saint Law (Laut) Kutansky (commemorated on September 22). Used materials Phillips, Andrew, priest . The Latin Saints of the Orthodox Patriarchate of Rome : "St. Lleudadd of [...]

Celtic Saints 11-18 Sept. re-posted 13 Sept. 17

11th St. Deiniol Gwyn, Bishop of Bangor Fawr (c.AD 535-584) (Welsh-Deiniol, Latin-Dainiolus, English-Daniel) Prince Deiniol the Blessed was a saintly man who appears to have already established himself in Gwynedd in the early 6th century, [Read here] 12th.St. Eanswythe of Folkestone, Abbess (Eanswida, Eanswith(a), Eanswide, Eanswyth) Died August 31, c. 640; this is probably a [...]

Celtic Saints for September by: Ambrose Mooney-September 2017

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Index of all the CELTIC SAINTS 5 September 2017

    The Lives of the British Saints (Baring-Gould, S. 1907) and others, alphabetically listed. to THE LIVES OF THE BRITISH SAINTS (the Saints of Wales and Cornwall and such Irish Saints as have dedications in Britain) by S. Baring-Gould and Hign Fisher andLIVES OF THE CAMBRO BRITISH SAINTS (of the fifth and immediate succeeding centuries, [...]

Non of Wales 3 March 2017

A Celebration of Tenacity ---------------------------------- Very little is known about the late-fifth-century Saint Nonna (or Nonnita in Welsh, Non) other than the fact that she was the mother of Saint David, Patron of Wales. She herself, however, is more closely connected with Altarnon in Cornwall, where a church and a well are dedicated to her. [...]

Celtic- Orthodox St. Fursey of East Anglia 16 January

St. Fursey of East Anglia and Lagny Abbot of Burgh Castle, and Peronne Monastery, France Orthodox Church St Fursey's, Stalham, N. Norfolk  Archimandrite Philip Hall   Saint Fursey Born Island of Inisquin(?), Lough Corri, Ireland; died in France c. 648. After Saint Columbanus (f.d. November 21) Fursey is perhaps the best known of the [...]