Expression of love

Christ’s cross is the perfect expression of love. All those things that don’t measure up to your ideal life can be transformed into Christ’s likeness. So often, though, we ignore or reject the opportunity to turn to Christ and be transformed. We miss the opportunity to die to ourselves and let Christ shine in and [...]

The mystery of suffering

The mystery of suffering is that out of this weakness and emptiness, out of this less than ideal life, can come incredible graces. Christ is the key to transforming suffering into much more of an ideal life than you could ever imagine. Transforming a less than ideal life into real life is one of the [...]

The Race of Life

St. Paul talks about the Christian life as a race, and encourages us to run so as to win. So it’s not just OK, it’s commanded to be competitive, to strive to excel. But true greatness consists in sharing in the sacrificial love of Christ, who comes to serve rather than to be served. That [...]

Obedience is a cross

Obedience is not a joke, it is a sacrifice. The more you love God, the more you will obey. Obedience is a cross—pick up your cross and follow him. Everyone in the world has to obey in some way or another. People are forced to obey or they will lose their jobs. But we obey [...]

The Last week of Jesus’ Life

The Last week of Jesus’ Life, from the sixth Sunday of Easter or Passion Sunday through to this coming Friday we commemorate the last week in Jesus’ life. Both the Catholic and Orthodox Churches, with the Anglo-Catholic church and some Protestant Churches refer to this period in the Church Year as Holy Week. During this time our [...]

The 10th Anniversary- Reminiscing

The 10th Anniversary of the Founding of Christ Our Hope Community Sydney Ten Years ago, around the end of November 2003, a group of us, under the spiritual direction of Archbishop Ron Langham, formed what would be become the present Community of Christ our Hope. Riley Street, Surry Hills (a high density Inner City of [...]