Literalist and non-literalist views 17-7-17

  Jeshua-ists Volgers van de Nazarener Joodse rebbe Jeshua – Followers of the Nazarene Jewish rebbe Jeshua       Literalist and non-literalist views 2017-07-17Immanuel Verbondskind In the previous postings we a.o. looked at “Wilfred Lambert stated the human race is more than 7,000 years old” from which we can see that the debate about the literacy or [...]

A Living Hymn

  Demons and angels—our darkest impulses and our noblest aspirations—clash in our deepest core. We advance not by slaying the demons, but by accepting them for what they are, pitying them, and slowly, painstakingly converting them, until both of our sides harmonize as notes in a living hymn. -from Perfect Joy