The Last week of Jesus’ Life

The Last week of Jesus’ Life, from the sixth Sunday of Easter or Passion Sunday through to this coming Friday we commemorate the last week in Jesus’ life. Both the Catholic and Orthodox Churches, with the Anglo-Catholic church and some Protestant Churches refer to this period in the Church Year as Holy Week. During this time our [...]

Epiphany – the Manifestation of the Divine

“Hot Cross Buns on sale in January ?! What are they (one of our friendly local supermarket chains) up to ?!” I was forced to stop for a moment and think about what I was witnessing here: Pure profit-taking on the part of big business ? (“People do love eating them,” says one Food Retail [...]

Easter Attitudes

The following is offered by Carlo Maria Martini S.J., author of ‘Journeying with the Lord, Reflections for Every Day’(Alba House, Society of St Paul, New York, 1987; pages 132-133) When we find in our lives and the lives of those around us pain, illness and moral suffering, what is our attitude? Do we walk away [...]