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Silent Night POSTED ON DECEMBER 29, 2016 BY BEAUTYBEYONDBONES Whenever I go home to Ohio, probably one of the biggest adjustments to have to get used to, is…the quiet. Falling asleep, there is nothing. Maybe a distant train. Maybe the ticking of a clock. But it is silent. Especially in the winter. When there’s a [...]

Family Values

Ancient Answers

Today, September 8th, the Orthodox Church celebrates the feast of the Nativity of the Theotokos. A beautiful feast, celebrating the birth of the future birth-giver of God. There’s nothing in the Bible about the birth of Mary, so the church has relied on sources outside the Bible. Joachim and Anna, the parents of Mary, were a pious Jewish couple, among the faithful remnant who were waiting for the Messiah. They were barren and earnestly prayed for a child. Their faith was rewarded and miraculously conceived and gave birth to Mary. Uniquely in the Orthodox tradition, the conception of Mary is represented by showing Joachim and Anna embracing! It is very rare in Orthodox iconography to show such intimacy between a man and a woman.












 The birth itself is shown in great detail, with the midwife and other attending women shown. What is even…

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