The way of the cross

The way of the cross is unavoidably uphill. Christians don’t get to carry their cross downhill. Suffering has always been inextricably linked with Christianity, but those who carry their cross willingly in these times can serve as an example and inspiration to all of us. -from Faith Under Fire

God Dwells in Us

Mary embodies all of womanhood’s beauty, goodness, and grace. She is as woman was created to be. She first embarked on the journey of walking with the Savior so the rest of us might follow. And the first thing she teaches us about womanhood is the only thing we really need to know: God dwells [...]

Growth in holiness

          MARKOVICH PHOTO ART. 2016. Free images for poets. Part One. Spring Poetry. City in Bloom. Eight pictures – MARKOVICH PHOTO ART. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 19 May 2016].

Grace of humility

  "If we try to see everyone and everything through God’s eyes with humility, we will begin to accept an attitude of humility in our hearts and we will begin to be humble." -from Franciscan media - Sacred Silence Image : - Seeing People Through God’s Eyes - The Malphurs Group : The Malphurs Group. [...]

Friends in high places

The saints share in God’s glory, for they are God’s new creation through Jesus Christ. This new creation radiates God’s glory, for God fills the saints with his grace. He shares his glory, his divine life, with those who are willing to receive it through the work and person of Jesus Christ. -from Now What? [...]

Easter Attitudes

The following is offered by Carlo Maria Martini S.J., author of ‘Journeying with the Lord, Reflections for Every Day’(Alba House, Society of St Paul, New York, 1987; pages 132-133) When we find in our lives and the lives of those around us pain, illness and moral suffering, what is our attitude? Do we walk away [...]