Easter Day 2018-celtic saints 1 April

  St. Cellach of Armagh Early life and background Cellach was the son of Áed mac Máele Ísu meic Amalgada of the Clann Sínnaig. Áed had been abbot of Armagh and Coarb Pátraic ("heir" or "successor" of Saint Patrick; head of the church of Armagh) from 1074 to 1091. The Clann Sínaig, of the Uí Echdach sept of [...]

Saint Etto of Dompierre 10 July 2017

Saint Etto of Dompierre 10 July 2017 July 10 is the commemoration of the seventh-century Saint Etto (Hetto, Zé), whom tradition links to the great Irish missionary Saint Fursey. Etto laboured in Belgium, where sources name him as an Irishman and where his memory is still very much cherished. John Montague, in his book The Saints and [...]

celtic and Old English Saints 26 June 2017

26  St. Brannock of Braunton St. Babolenus of Fosses St. Corbican of Ireland Three today, and as I have recently sleuthed the internet of course I have discovered many Parishes and churches named for many of these saints such that it is difficult to determine which saint is which. Let's see how we go today. [...]

Ireland -St. Talmach of Lough Erc-14 March 2017

Omnium Sanctorum Hiberniae Saint Talmach, March 14 March 14 is the commemoration of Saint Talmach, whom Canon O'Hanlon links to County Cork and its patron Saint Finnbarr: ST. TALMACH, CONFESSOR. [Sixth and Seventh Centuries.] Some short notices of St. Talmach are given by Colgan, at the 14th of March. At this same date, the Bollandists [...]

Celtic-St.Cinnia-1 February 2o17

 Image:  Abbey of St. Peter + Paul, Clones. There has been an abbey on this site since the 6th century, when St. Tighernach founded the first abbey. This abbey architecturally dates from the 11th-12th centuries. The ruins are a National Monument.  St Cinnia  was   St Tigernach of Clones' Maternal AuntSt. Cinnia - Memorial 1 February [...]

Celtic-St. Ernan of Donegal-22 December 2016

Name of four Irish saints. O'Hanlon enumerates twenty-five saints bearing the name Ernan, Ernain, or Ernin; it is, therefore, not surprising that their Acts have become confused. St. Ernan of Donegal Died about 640. He is mentioned in the Martyrology of Tallagh on 1 January. He was a nephew of St. Columba, Feilim or Feidhlimidh [...]

Celtic-St. Mawes of Brittany-November 18th 2016

St. Mawes of Brittany Died 6th century. The lives of the 6th century Irish saints frequently contain startling elements, and that of Saint Mawes is no exception. Even his birth was remarkable. His mother was called Azenor and lived in Brittany. One day she was thrown into the sea near Brest, with only a barrel [...]

St. Canice of Kilkenny, Abbot – 11 October

St. Canice of Kilkenny, Abbot (Kenneth, Caimnech, Cainnic, Canicus, Cainnech)   Born at Glengiven (Derry), Ireland, c. 515-527; died at Aghaboe (the ox's field) in Laois, c. 599. According to the tradition Saint Kenneth was the son of a scholar-poet, who became a pupil of Saint Finnian (f.d.December 12) at Clonard. He may have gone [...]

Celtic saint of the day 1st February

Life Collect of the Day: St. Brigid, Abbess, 523Everliving God, we rejoice today in the fellowship of your blessed servant Brigid, and we give you thanks for her life of devoted service. Inspire us with life and light, and give us perseverance to serve you all our days; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who with [...]

Celtic Saint of the Day 14th September

St. Cormac of Cashel, King & Bishop Died 908. Saint Cormac, king of Munster, Ireland, was the son of Cuillenan and descended from King Aengus who Saint Patrick baptized. Cormac was probably the first bishop of Cashel and the compiler of the still extant Psalter of Cashel, an Irish history. Irish writers have celebrated him [...]