Saint John Neumann 5 January

Saint John Neumann Feast day January 5 This is an extract taken from the Loyola Press and is the most readily understandable article on St John Neumann I found. There are other more detailed accounts, each containing basic biographical information, and the nature of his priesthood and works. Some biased and others not, They give [...]

Nov 29 – St Brendan of Birr-Irish

Nov 29 – St Brendan of Birr   St. Brendan's Church, Birr. Prophet of Ireland Abbot Died c. 573[1] Birr, Ireland Venerated in Roman Catholic Church Anglican Communion Orthodox Church Feast 29 November via Nov 29 - St Brendan of Birr (d. 573) abbot - Image Attribution Andreas F. Borchert [CC BY-SA 3.0 de (, CC [...]

Saint Etto of Dompierre 10 July 2017

Saint Etto of Dompierre 10 July 2017 July 10 is the commemoration of the seventh-century Saint Etto (Hetto, Zé), whom tradition links to the great Irish missionary Saint Fursey. Etto laboured in Belgium, where sources name him as an Irishman and where his memory is still very much cherished. John Montague, in his book The Saints and [...]

Irish -St. Gerald of Mayo-13 March 2017

St. Gerald of Mayo, Abbot Born in Northumbria, England; died in Galway, Ireland, 732. Saint Gerald became a monk at Lindisfarne and probably followed Saint Colman to Innisbofin Island, Galway, Ireland, when the Celtic liturgical practices were displaced in Northumbria.[read on] Celtic and Old English Saints - 13 March . 2017. Celtic and Old English [...]

Irish-Saint Nennius, or Nennidhius, Abbot in Ireland. January 17 2017

St. Nennius, or Nennidhius, Abbot in Ireland January 17 St. Nennius, or Nennidhius, Abbot in Ireland DESPISING the vanities of the world, though of the race of the monarchs of Ireland, from his youth made the science of the cross of Christ the sole object of his ambition; and to engrave in his heart the lessons [...]

Celtic/orthodox- Ss. Ethenea and Fidelmia – 11 January 2017

Ss. Ethenea (Ethna) and Fidelmia (Fedelma), Virgins Died 433. The story is told that one summer day the little daughters of King Laoghaire of Connaught, Ethna and Fedelma, who were barely out of childhood and full of fun, went for their daily bath in a private place near the palace, a place to which no [...]

Celtic St. Munchin of Limerick, Bishop – 2 January 2017

St. Munchin of Limerick, Bishop (Maincin, Manchen, Luimnich) 7th century (or earlier). Munchin is venerated as the patron of Limerick, Ireland, because it grew up around his foundation at Innis Ibhton on the Shannon, and derived its name Luimnich from him. In three early martyrologies, he is called "the Wise" and "Maincin" (Little Monk). While [...]